Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Search Engine Alternative

Duck Duck Go

Duck Duck Go, a start-up search engine, is competing by leveraging the public’s recent concern over Google’s privacy policies. According to Fred Wilson, a principal of Union Square Ventures, a venture capital backer of Duck Duck Go, other vendors should do the same, saying “We should encourage web and mobile services to lead with their privacy practices and let users vote with their feet. This is an opportunity for new web services who can use privacy as a basis for competition as Duck Duck Go does.” Duck Duck Go says it does not collect or share browsing history, and it articulates understandable privacy policies, including one that is illustrated and starts with this image:
DuckDuckGo.com is still tiny compared to the top four, at roughly 45 million searches per month. But it is growing rapidly in recent months as concern over Google’s privacy policies have grown.

Excerpt from Small Business Trends article by Anita Campbell (founder of Small Business Trends, and owner of BizSugar)

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