Thursday, December 29, 2011

STOP sopa

There are two pieces of legislation, currently being considered by Congress, that will seriously endanger the very freedoms America was built upon - specifically free speech.

"SOPA and the PROTECT IP Act propose massive new regulatory powers over the Internet that will seriously endanger free speech and the constitutionally upheld principal of Fair Use. These bills would create broad powers to remove entire web sites by manipulating the Domain Name System (DNS) and Internet search results, all without any action from a court of law. Blogs, status updates, consumer reviews and even links to other web sites may make web sites a target to be blacklisted. Smaller and independent ISPs will be particularly hard hit trying to police their users to avoid interruption of service.

These bills are not the way to address online piracy. SOPA and PROTECT IP are bad for TierraNet, bad for our customers, and bad for the Internet. Our favorite websites -- Wikipedia, Facebook, Youtube -- even your own blog, and your favorite online store -- will all be permanently wounded.

I urge you to take a moment to let your representatives in Washington D.C. know your feelings. Please EDUCATE yourself about this proposed legislation, VOICE your opinions, and EXERCISE the right to free speech on the Internet that we take for granted." - Brian Scott, CEO of TierraNet


Electronic Frontier Foundation - Stop the Internet Blacklist Legislation

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