Wednesday, December 7, 2011

2012 Tax Trends for Small Business

Are Large Corporations skipping over taxes, while small & medium size businesses (SMB) carry the burden?

We found this article in Small Business Trends. It may be useful for small business owners to be aware of these potential trends:

The 10 main points highlighted in this article are:
1. Taxes will remain a political football.
2. Tax audits are on the rise.
3. Uncertainty about health care rules remains.
4. Some favorable business tax rules will be extended.
5. State and local governments scrounge for new sources of revenue.
6. Unemployment taxes will go up for some employers.
7. Estate planning for business owners remains challenging.
8. Filings will be almost exclusively online.
9. Low interest rates will have an impact.
10. The U.S. tax system will continue to become more and more complex.

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